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Connected but no Internet


Connected but no Internet

I'm getting really frustrated now. I have just upgraded my PC with an Abit Canterwood m/b and new 2.8Ghz processor, and now something odd is happening with my EasyStart connection. If I double click on the connection, it dials, verifies username and password, and the two monitors symbolising connection appear in the task bar. However, I cannot access the internet at all. I constantly get "This page cannot be displayed" standard message instantaneously (in IE, and Mozilla). When I run ipconfig, it only has two IP numbers listed (I forget exactly what it reported), something like : and I have the connection settings assign me an IP address, and when I click on configure for the USB modem it reports: "Modem not initialised, or not installed properly. Check the Modem tab in System". When I look at the modem tab, the USB modem is not listed (but it is listed under Network Adaptors). But I've installed the drivers three times now, and it made no difference.

I understand that there are a lot of unknowns here, but if anyone can offer any advice at all, it would be much appreciated. Sad