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Connect to MYSQL using dreamweaver?


Connect to MYSQL using dreamweaver?

Does anyone know how to set up dreamweaver to connect to the MYSWL database.

I have set up the database online, created a simple table with one record in it.

However I can't seem to connect. When i try and define the database in dreamweaver it asks for the following value. Next to them i have entere the following:

MySQL server :
username : my username (not including
password : the password for my database (not to log in to the website)
database : my username_pn

However it just does nothing Sad .

I really am stummped. Any ideas?


John Stephenson

RE: Connect to MYSQL using dreamweaver?

From what I understand, you can only connect to the MySQL server, from within a web-page document.

IE, only the web-server has access to the server.

Though, this would be an idea to allow the IP block to access the DB's from there home connections.

RE: Connect to MYSQL using dreamweaver?

I belive you shouldnt be using as your server address, whats the address of the MySQL server?

RE: Connect to MYSQL using dreamweaver?

In the email plusNet sent me after I activated MYSQL contained the following:

MySQL Host: humbug
Username: my username
Password: a 16 character password
DB Name: myusername_pn

I have omitted my username and pw for obvious reasons but thats all I was given! Thanks