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Connect 2 PC's


Connect 2 PC's

I want to be able to have 2 computers (pcs) connected through my ADSL connection.

One solution I've been told about involves pluging the second pc into the 1st, and piggybacking the connection. This requires PC1 to always be switched on and online.

Is there a way taht the 2 pc's can independently use the internet without relying on the other pc to be switched on or connected?

Will need to be able to use the connection at the same time too.


Connect 2 PC's

Hi there,

Welcome to the forums.

The best way to do what you want is with a router.

Have a look at this Netgear configurator. It will walk you through the options and suggest the equipment needed to best accomplish what you want.

Hope it helps.

Connect 2 PC's

You can connect 2 pc's with a adsl modem very cheap only a couple of pounds for the cable but as you say pc one must be on or pc2 cant connect.

The only way to get the two to connect is to buy a adsl router modem which you can get for as little as £30 with that you get the extra securty of a NAT Firewall and both pc's can access the net and they are not dependant on the other pc being on in order to connect