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Congrats to Customer Service.....


Congrats to Customer Service.....

....for convincing another (previously happy) customer that he is wasting his time. I feel really good about all the times I recommended PN to others, as you can imagine.

My latest support ticket is produced at the bottom of this post. I had to downgrade my account to dialup some months ago since I was having some work done on the house and would not be able to use broadband. Shortly after I did this, I got an email from PN telling me that I had successfully been unbundled.

I'd never had any warning or been asked if this was ok. When questioned, I was told that it would sort itself out in 14 days. When I checked on BT's site for a broadband check on my line a couple of months later, it told me there was an incompatible service running on the line.

When I then asked PN what they had done to my line I was told this was irrelevant since there was no ADSL account on the line. Yeah right.

Reordered and was told PN could not provide broadband because the BT check had failed. Told PN to re-read my questions. PNs response was along the lines of: 'oops, ok there you go its on.'

Is it hell. Posted router log information about connection failure on Sunday night and by now (Thurs lunchtime) I have still had no reply, so I sent them the below.

I have a couple of questions:

I assume I am not the only one to have had this kind of shoddy service?

Curiously whenever I see PN talking about surveys, they are always high in the rankings for customer service. However why is it that in any independent survey/site I see, their customer service rating from actual customers is generally at the bottom end of a list of ISPs?

Re: Question ID: 20519818

I'm entering this as a separate question since the above has been awaiting an answer for over 3 days.

I've had enough.

Do the following asap please:
1) Undo the LLU which you performed on my line without permission or warning after I cancelled my account.
2) Refund any charges for my recent broadband order since it does not work and has never actually worked since you claimed the order was complete.
3) Give me my MAC key.

Congrats to Customer Service.....

Take this as a warning to anyone wanting a MAC out of Plusnet.

Plusnet moved my line to LLU after I had cancelled the account. I've asked them to undo the LLU and issue a MAC key. In that order.

So they are now "reviewing" my LLU issue and have requested an LLU MAC key.

In other words, when they issue an LLU MAC key, I will have to take this to another supplier and carry the cost of transferring from Tiscali.

Nice way to avoid the responsibility and cost. a.k.a. pulling a fast one. Anyone else in a similar situation should watch out for this trick.

I can see why Plusnet have such an abysmal reputation when it comes to MAC keys. Good luck to anyone else trying to get the hell out.

Congrats to Customer Service.....

i was checking adslguide comparing the other isp companies against plusnet and in the past plusnet was highly rated and now its at the bottom of the pile. Pretty much shows that they are slipping very badly into the avoid internet companys now. I am not too impressed with the recent upto 8mb broadband. So far i have been upgraded to 3mb from 2mb and now i havent seen much highspeed downloads at all. I prob reach up to 100kB/s when apparently it supppose to go up to 350kB/s on peer2peer. I only goes high for speed tests and apple trailers. When i was with 2mb i got it constant and never had a problem before. Judging by comments from alot of people in the forums its pushing me to leave plusnet too. Anyone heard much about Be Unlimited ? adsl2 and upto 24mb but what about the service?

Congrats to Customer Service.....

I keep seeing BE and Entanet at the top of the rankings. I'll be going with one of the entanet providers I think, but certainly both are worth a look.

Congrats to Customer Service.....

A correction: Plusnet are not trying to fob me off with an LLU MAC, they have ordered one in order to get me off Tiscali so that they can issue me a standard MAC. I misunderstood the process, so I apologise to Plusnet for my earlier rant