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OK, so my line has been submitted for activation and all seems to be going well so far...

I've just got a quick question about paying through Direct Debit - when I signed up I printed out, filled in, and posted off a DD instruction. Will I get confirmation through from PlusNet in some form saying that it has been set up? Where can I find out whether it has been set up? There was also something during the signup process saying that I need only fill one of those in if I was not the account holder or if I was a business...I'm neither and just printed it off and posted it without thinking Shockedops: . Will that affect the setup, or does it not matter?

I'm kind of new to all this, so am worried I've done something wrong! Shockedops:


I would wontact PlusNet around 5 days after posting the DD. This is when the information is likely to have been processed.

State that you completed the online DD activation and also sent a duplicate DD madate via the post.

Ask them to check for duplicate DD details or two DD's on one account. It should be a simple matter for them then.

Note, you may be charged twice, however, PlusNet can't be blamed for this (for reasons you have allready pointed out). However, they will refund you once this has been cleared, though a gental nudge to confirm when may be needed.

Confirmation of the fact the DD is active will depend on the signup option you have taken.

If you chose to make the activation payment via a debit/credit card, and other payments via DD, I think it was automated for me with no notification.

If you choose for all payments vid DD, then you should get a notification the activation has been payed.

Otherwise contact your bank, as they will be able to quickly inform you if a DD mandake has been activated.


Thanks for getting back to me - I only completed the printout of the DD, not the online one, so I should only be charged once. Was just worried that I should have used the online one rather than the printout, but I suppose that I wouldn't really matter!

I also set it up to pay for the first installment by Debit Card, and then the rest by DD - does that mean that I'm not going to be notified or anything and that it should all go OK?

I was just getting a bit worried as I didn't know how long it takes for a mandate to go through.

Thanks for clearing that up for me!
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No you shouldnt be billed twice. The mandate should be setup in a few days, as long as it is not active they will use your card details. So dont worry it sounds like you have done everything correctly.