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Confused with new speeds..some pointers please


Confused with new speeds..some pointers please

So the story so far:

Got Max'ed. Took about 4days for BRAS to be updated (no problems there) My router syncs at 8096, which gives me a BRAS of 7500. (again this is fine)

My speeds have always been solid, but moving from 2000 > 7500 has only given me a speed increase of about 200 (at the best results) Max download iv had so far is 1977.

Conection Details:

Connection Speed 8096 kbps 448 kbps
Line Attenuation 20.0 db 11.0 db
Noise Margin 12.9 db 21.0 db

Any ideas on why iv had no real increase in speeds?


Confused with new speeds..some pointers please

When you do any speed test it send you data and then works out how long it took. The problem is there could be 30 other people using your line so you cant get 8 meg download. The server may be overloaded when you try as well.

One of the best site to try is Microsoft as you normally get very good speed downloading from them.

The other thing is to do the bt speed test as you are directly onto bt then so ther eis no other router sin the way. Details of how to logon to bt can be found in the forum.
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Confused with new speeds..some pointers please

I was in a similar situation to you I had excellent connection figures but was only getting 1 Meg download I raised a ticket with PN got a very quick reply saying my account had been ajusted to allow for higher speeds and next morning had 6 meg plus. Cheesy