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Configuring a D-Link 504T


Configuring a D-Link 504T

Can anyone help me configure my D-Link 504T that I've just got today please?

My settings are...

Type PPPoA
Options NAT and Firewall are both selected
PPP Encapsulation LLC
VCI 38
Set Route is selected
On Demand is selected

DSL Modulation type is set to MMODE.

The Home page shows both DSL Status and Ethernet as "Connected".

However, Status-Connection Status shows my connection state as "Disconnected" and clicking on Connect seems to have no effect.

Last few lines of the System log are.... (not sure why the date/time is wrong)...
Sep 8 12:39:56> pppd 2.4.1 started by root, uid 0
Sep 8 12:39:56> WAN IP address
Sep 8 12:39:56> WAN gateway
Sep 8 12:39:56> PPPoA Connect with IP Address
Sep 8 12:39:56> PPPoA Connection Successfully Established
Sep 8 12:39:56> PPPoA Connect with Gateway IP Address:
Sep 8 12:40:00> Connect: ppp0 {--}

It all looks good except that I don't seem to be able to connect! Thanks in advance.

Configuring a D-Link 504T

From other searching and experimenting, it seesm that the problem is that I get a 10.x IP address allocated.

Does anyone have any idea why please?
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Configuring a D-Link 504T

Maybe a bit obvious, but have you entered the correct username and password? I also notice your PPP is set to LLC, mine is VC and 'On Demand' is not selected.

I am using the G604T model, but I think these should be the same, try changing them! Hope this helps, there is nothing more annoying than having a nice new modem that does not work.

PS Remember to save the changes and reboot the modem;-)
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Configuring a D-Link 504T

We use one of these routers. And we also use "PPP: VC and with 'On Demand' not selected. But it does sound as if you are not getting an IP address from PN. Do you have the ADSL light ON and the Status light flashing?
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Configuring a D-Link 504T

A very important point with the 504T is to make sure that after you have entered all your setting then you need to actually save them.
Dont just click on the "Apply" button at the foot of the setup page but also go to the "Tools" page and select the "System commands" option then "Save All" failure to do this will result in all of your settings being forgotten once you restart the router.

If you have done the above thin fine.

Setting should be or if you are a very early user of ADSL.

Then your normal login password

Then VCmux for the encapsulation then 0 and 38 for the VPI and VCI settings.

Hope that helps you.