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Conexant PCI won't sync


Conexant PCI won't sync

Hi, Looking for help - I've run out of ideas.

Moved my Conexant PCI modem (from Dabs) into a new (old) test PC and can't get it to sync.

The system has an ASUS A7V133 MB, 1.1?Ghz CPU, GeForce2 GTS card and Accton Network card.

To try an eliminate as many possible faults I did a clean 2003 server install, made sure everything was running fine, then installed the card - it prompted for drivers as expected (using latest ones from themad-house), no errors - configured the ADSL settings, rebooted and nothing.

I noticed during boot up it didn't go through the regular syncing phases it made one click then nothing.

Have tried different clean installs covering, install where I used the Via Hyperion drivers and not, and an installation with power management disabled

The card is currently working fine on another system with 2003 server same conexant drivers, same nwk card, but older Ali MB with a K6 500 CPU.