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Conexant AMX-64 with multiple IPs


Conexant AMX-64 with multiple IPs

Hi there,

I've got a no-nat account from plus net with a 4 ip subnet ( At the moment i've got the second ip as the router ip and everything I need is forwarded on using port forwarding.

I'd like to use my second external ip address to bind directly into a new server we're installing but i'm having trouble getting this set up and finding information on the internet hasn't been very easy!

I've got two network cards in the new server, one for internal traffic ( with a default gateway of the router's internal address, and the other in the subnet with the second external ip and the internal router address as default gateway (see above).

Once connected the external ip isn't ping'able from outside the network, and if the internal card is disabled I can't ping out.

On the router I have NAT set to NAPT, DHCP is switched off and my WAN default gateway is set to

I'm beginning to tear my hair out with this a bit, so any help or information that anyone can offer would be greatfully received.

Many thanks in advance,