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Completely dissatisfied


Completely dissatisfied

Good Morning.

I am very disappointed with the service that I am now receiving. My initial start-up fee of £24+, ended in April, and I then attempted to change my account to one of the lower priced Broadband products. After five unsuccessful tries to change, and a few emails to Plasnet, I eventually, on the 2nd October, got a message from Services that they would alter my account, if I specified which account I wanted. I did this by return.

Today I have an email starting that Plusnet are again taking £24+ from my account. Obviously someone's promise to make the changes that I have repeatedly requested, has not been met. I do not think that I must continue paying £10,00p each month, when it is not legally required.

I am tired of the going through the convoluted system of contacting the customer services people, so have, as a last resort, turned to this forum, in the belief that I may get some positive action - at last.

I like Plusnet. They provide a discrete, unobtrusive, service. I would be sorry to have to find an alternative.