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hi i think its about time plus-net gave their customer,s something back for all the down time, there is always a problem but there are quick enough to take your money off you each month, I also asked to be upgraded to 8mb speed that was weeks ago and still nothing, and they keep asking you to switch your home phone to plusnet as it is cheaper i think they should get the other problems sorted out first. Yes as you can gather i am totally p***** of with there services so started to look at another provider wish i had never joined plus-net


Before you switch ISP, may I suggest that you read this article?,,19510-2330140,00.html

It appears that the entire industry is an a absolute mess, so if you change ISP, the chances are that you'll face the same problems.

Since the "upgrade" I regularly get disconnected at least 5 times a day, whereas before I never had any problems. And my connection speed is all over the place... Instead of going forward, we seem to be going back!
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HI johnmackie,

You posted this twice within an hour as two seperate but identical posts 8:39 was the other one, same title.

Are you trying to slow things down inadvertantly :-)