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Common theme - what ARE BT's responsibillities?


Common theme - what ARE BT's responsibillities?

OK. I like many other posters are waiting for BT to confirm ADSL line activation. As this seems to be the most mysterious and time consuming part of all, could PlusNet please let us know a little more about the process and what (if any) committment BT have to undertake their actions.

Also, I have to say, I am personally concerned that BT will report back that my line is too noisy/too far from my exchange. This they did when I originally asked them to give me ADSL access. I was only 2.4km from my exchange, but they gave me all sorts of conflicting reasons why they said my line would not support ADSL. Now, I am HOPING that the RADSL solution from PlusNet will get around this - but I'm concerned that BT will not necessarily know about the following PlusNet statement.... and will simply reject my request as they did previously.

"RADSL extends the reach of broadband connectivity to users up to 5.5km from an ADSL-enabled exchange, and is available automatically to everyone who signs up ADSL from PlusNet . This gives you a second chance to get broadband access, for example, if your ADSL installation had previously failed because of poor line quality or if you were located too far from the local exchange."

RE: Common theme - what ARE BT's responsibillities?

I wouldn't get over excited. BT tell me I live within 5.5km of the exchange and yet Plus Net tell me I live 8.1km away from the exchange.

BT tell me I can have the service when I phone their Openworld helpline but Plus Net say I can't.

A friend who lives a further ½ mile from the exchange has the service through BT Openworld and yet through Plus Net I don't!