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Combination of private and public IP


Combination of private and public IP

I am new to all this ADSL stuff & desperately need some help in trying to configure my Solwise SAR110.

I have a network that I want to configure as thus ;-

SERVER A requires a public IP address so that customers can access it over the internet & my internal people cannot accidently get onto it.

SERVER B requires both a private address (to act as a gateway for the rest of my network) and a public address (to act as a bridge between the 2 networks).

All my other PC's have private (192.168.7.x) addresses.

I need to configure the router to get this all up and running & then also use the firewall to limit access to ports 80 and 443 on SERVER B.

Any ideas ?
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Combination of private and public IP

I suggest you get yourself a router that has a DMZ capability and then configure it.

The standard ADSL routers will not have this function.

If you have a spare PC with 3 Network cards I would suggest

This firewall is configureable and also free for personal use.



Combination of private and public IP

You dont need all that just set the router as the default gateway for all the network pc's server with an Lan ip in your normal range. Then port forward the ports you need to the server.

The router will do the NAT or PAT for all the pc's and forward web request to the server. Your way is very complicated way of doing it and you would need 2 NICs in the server