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Coexant USB modem


Coexant USB modem

Help please.
I have been using a Speedstream 3060 internal modem but I haven't found any XP drivers. It works after a fashion but with a noise on the phone line. I have two PC's linked with a crossover cable. I have found that it is slower than 56K. I entered a page for EBay. Started up a laptop, went onto AOL on 56K. Brought up the page, closed it down and the ADSL still hadn't brought the page up.!!!!!
I have bought an external Conexant USB modem which connects with ADSL OK, but will not recognise my username and password. I tried "technical help" and was told to diconnect for one hour. Next call told to disconnect 2 hours, next call 48 hours. Then told it was a BT fault because I had been connected continuously for 4 days and that I had to wait for BT to clear the line. This even though I turned both PC's OFF every night. At this point I reinstalled the Speadstream and got online instantly. Each call I told Tech help that I thought it was a configuration problem and was told I was wrong.
HOW do I configure my PC for the USB modem please and would it speed up access if I went over tp a ROUTER instead of a crossover cable.
Help please at DUMMY level. Keith
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RE: Coexant USB modem


Having just seen your account notes, BT came back to us after we logged the fault stating that you were using Capital letters in your username when you were using the new modem. As a result of this you were getting an invalid username error but were not showing on the connection logs for your account.

I'm sure we can try and work out what is happening with the other modem, however xan I ask if you have spoken to the support contact for your modem(Manufacturer or Supplier)? It may be that what you are experaincing is a common problem and something they will be able to help you with.

I should remind you that the Support team are responsible for ensuring that your ADSL connection is working, we cannot offer specific assistance (Past giving you the neccessary settings) in the configuration of your equipment.

With Regards,
Ian Wild
PlusNet Customer Support