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Cisco 1720 router adsl config


Cisco 1720 router adsl config

Hi, I have spent a while looking for a sample setup for using the above cisco router with my BB setup, I wish to use the router as a dhcp server with NAT inside as well, can anyone help please.
The router is running IOS c1700-sy7-mz.123-1a.bin and I have a WIC1-ADSL fittedin one of the WIC slots, the other is fitted with a WIC1-ENET to connect to the DMZ.
All help appreciated please

Cisco 1720 router adsl config

Do you have anything working yet? I should be able to help, but first a couple of questions)...

Do you have a block of IPs for your DMZ?

You want a dhcp server to provide private address space and nat to outside?