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Circuit Information


Circuit Information

Can anyone tell me what this little lot means please, are the figures good or bad?
Circuit Information
Circuit In Sync
Upstream xDSL Link Info
Loop Loss 30.5 dB
Cell Count 97
Downstream xDSL Link Info
Loop Loss 59 dB
Cell Count 150

It was stuck on the bottom of a reply from customer services after I reported a 75% reduction in speed. Its been 3 or 4 days and things have mysteriously improved back up to 2717.7 kbps. Does it mean I have been MaxDsl'd?
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Circuit Information

All that says is upstream line attenuation is 30.5dB and downstream line attenuation is 59dB.

It's actually the result of the old style Woosh test. The new one shows line attenuation and whether you are on max or not. but what you have is pretty useless for determining anything I'm afraid.

The only clue is the 2717.7 Kbps which could mean either MaxDSL or LLU. What is you upstream sync speed? if 448Kbs it's MaxDSL, any higher then its LLU.


Upstream is reported as 448 so its looks like I'm Max'd. Could explain my up and down status at the moment.
Thanks for the info Peter.