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Cheep router +4 PCs connected to PlusNet no probs


Cheep router +4 PCs connected to PlusNet no probs

The CE84 I got from dabs is hooked up and working perfectly in the following System:

4 PCs all connected to the CE84 (dabs code 17P8WS) via RJ45, all runing WIN98SE.

The Router is connected to a slave BT socket (using the dabs microfilter 2876WS) about 10m from the master socket. The master socket has a microfilter for the main telephone/answer machine and Caller id box.

Any of the PCs can individually access the web (all configured using server assigned IP) and all work in harmony together

Connected to PlusNet ( on their ADSL home package (£21.99/month) - very straightforward to setup, just use the defaults on the router CD and the few details plusnet provide. I've been using this for about 2 weeks now and have not had one drop-out. Would highly recommend them (if you sign up with them please use my referal id "phouse").

Download speed is just under 500K/s at peak times in the evening. Not measured it at other times yet (lots of downloads on the go!).

microfilters work perfectly for the phone - can't hear any noise while the ADSL is switched on.
Mark :lol:
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Cheep router +4 PCs connected to PlusNet no probs

Hi phouse

Always nice to see positive comments in here Cheesy