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Changing from Dynamode usb modem to Router


Changing from Dynamode usb modem to Router

Hiya all
just been on broadband for a month or so now but i want to have muiltple
PC`s and i thought about a ADSL router and hub to network them all together
but don`t now what to do over my dynamic ip address/changing it to a static address , best router to get, and best configuration?

i`ll be using windows XP on two machines
and windows 2003 server on another

any help on this matter would be gratefully appreciated


Changing from Dynamode usb modem to Router

You say you currently use dynamic IPs. This is done by two methods in windows.

1: DHCP server. If using a default setup with no router, It is doubtful you would be using this.

2: Fallback. If windows can't obtain one via DHCP, it will set a subnet mask, then assign a random IP, such that all machines fall under the same subnet.

If goign for the router apprwach with DSL, then pick one with DHCP.

While your current setup may be fine, it is missing details like default gateway and DNS server, such that it could make use of your router.

With DHCP, all machines will obtain an IP from an authorized source, with gateway and DNS info.

This would result in instant access to the internet (provided the router is setup and no other conflicts exist).

As for picking a router and mode for this, check ADSL Guide. They have greate reviews on combined deviced with these features.

Purchasing a combined router, modem and hub/switch, you can save on purchasing seperate units. If you allready have an existing hub/switch, you can simply plug this into the router and away you go.