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Changing Username


Changing Username


New to this, but not to Plusnet. Husband used to look after my account but he left me and my three kids on Sunday so now I'm kinda stuck with the responsiblity!

Question is that I want to change my username as it infers we are a couple and I'd rather have my own username.

Can it be changed? If so how do I do it?


Changing Username

Hi Lou,

Welcome to the forums.

This could be a tricky one for you. The username is linked to the actual account and will present some difficulties in relation to the operation of the account itself.

The usual policy is that this is not possible.

However I would suggest sending a personal message (PM) to one of the Comms Team, such as Dave Tomlinson (dtomlinson) and asking them for advice on the best way to proceed.

I'm sorry I couldnt be any more informative but I am not sure that this is possible.

I hope you can get it sorted and wish you well for the future.

Let us know how you get on with Dave.


Hello Mark

Thank you very much for your kind and courteous reply.

I've sent Dave a PM and will of course let you know what he says.

Perhaps I will have to open a new account...bummer!

Thanks anyway, it's much appreciated.


Changing Username

Thats a blow, being left with three dustbin lids.
Would you like your ex old man exterminated
Sorted Smiley


Yes please

One of the lids is only 8 weeks exterminate away.


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Changing Username

One thing you could do is open a Pay-as-you-go dial-up account, with your chosen new user name. You can then use this new account for e-mail.

Keeping the “louandneil” account for the connection only.


Re: Changing Username

Husband left me and my three kids on Sunday

Don't worry, he'll be back.

Especially when he realises how much better off he was.

Then it's up to you how much grovelling he'll have to do to get back in your good books.

That's if you want him back in your good books.

Chin up!

Bless you


That's very sweet of you but no he won't be coming back. He's got somewhere to live and he's very adamant.

That's ok...I'll make it. I hope!

Thanks for the sweet words, nice of you.


Changing Username

Aww Lou so sorry to hear that. Men suck sometimes. Sorry. Women like you should be proud though. 3 lil ones is not easy for two people so good luck and best wishes!