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Changing ISP...


Changing ISP...


I am looking to change ISP for my internet connection at work.

We have had a 2mb Easynet connection for a few years now (on of the first!) - and whilst they were good value then they arent now (plus there support isnt as great as it should be...)

Anyway, I called them to find out if they support "migration" - they basically tried to tell me there was "no such thing", even for residential services. After telling them it did but maybe they didnt do it I wondered if it was different for business services? Anyone know?

So here is my plan - if anyone has any comments/advice it is appreciated!

1) Plan to do the "cease and re-provide" over Xmas - give Easynet notice and a cancellation date (making it clear not to stop it before then or else!)
2) When its off place the order with
3) Sit and wait a short while...
4) Enjoy!

Questions are:
a) I had an engineer install originally, I presume the faceplate gets left but will they want the BT badged Efficient Networks "no-nat" router back?
b) What router does provide for business accounts for "no-nat"?
c) Is DD/CC the only option to pay? Can we just be invoiced?

( 2mb 20:1 at home and happy!)