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Change Account from 50:1 ---> 20:1


Change Account from 50:1 ---> 20:1

Recently as you are all aware, users were notified that there accounts (im on a 2mb premier service) would be migrated from a 50:1 ---> 20:1 ratio. and that should you want to stay 20:1 you would incur an extra £10 a month charge.

Well this change was made to my account and I was migrated down to a 50:1. However since this then I have decided that I would like to be on 20:1 - but on contacting was advised that this was impossibl - below is the message I received.....

"Unfortunately this is no longer possible. The cut off date for this change has passed. We cannot make this change.
Apologies for any inconvenience caused."

I realise that I missed the opt in period - but surely I can make a request for my account to be put back onto 20:1 - surely!

I have a ticket open re-requesting this BTW

Change Account from 50:1 ---> 20:1

My understanding is that is a one-time offer, and that no product will be provided for normal sale on the 20:1 range.

I suspect the answer given is correct.

I also believe the cutoff date had already been extended past that given in the email sent to you.

Change Account from 50:1 ---> 20:1

I have just received another reply from the helpdesk - stating that an option would be to go with one of the business products.....

Looking at the webpage info - this looks good.....

TeleworkerTongueremier - Up to 2mb - £21.27
20:1 PlusNet network contention offering business class performance

Sounds good to me! To good in fact - whats the catch? and if there isn't one - surely everyone could purchase 2mb 20:1 teleworker accounts? cuz they are cheaper than the residential up to 2mb account which is on 50:1 and comes in at 21.99

Am I missing something here? Is this ratio at plus.nets side - or my local exchange?

Change Account from 50:1 ---> 20:1

There are a few differances, one including the fact you may not have read the description properly.

The Teleworker product is contended at 20:1 on the PlusNet network, yet still takes advantage of the 50:1 BT product.

Only the "Business" product offers the 20:1 BT product, and starts at £34.99 a month.

Bear in mind the teleworker and business products are quoted as EX VAT as well.

Change Account from 50:1 ---> 20:1

I see! Oh well - my main moan, is that since I was put on 50:1 I have seen speeds drop significantly to around what I would expect from a 1mb product at busy times.

However my VP capacity at the exchange is currently showing as Red - ironically with a date for upgrade set for today - however this may have slipped - as im still seeing low download speeds Sad

(speed test is quite worrying considering im on a 2mb product)