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Cant get my MAC code


Cant get my MAC code

I am being told that i need to pay £47 from when i moved house. but this was 13 months ago? so why the charge i sat the 12 months out so i did not get this charge?

I just want my MAC ASAP had enough of not being able to contact them and no one actually reading service tickets??

I have called nearly 15 times today, go through the AVR system and keeps cutting me off

Someone please help...

Cant get my MAC code

That charge will be the defered activation cost.

Free connection is only free if you stay with PN for 5 years. If you leave earlier you have to pay them back (20% reduction every year)

Cant get my MAC code

Really? i thought it was 12 months? that stinks??

Can someone from +net comment on this please and tell me exatly what the charge is for? and why? no other ISP's do this why do you?

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Cant get my MAC code

Look at the bottom of this page - tells you what you need to pay

Cant get my MAC code

Cool thanks..

But heres the thing, i been with them for 3 years..

I moved 13 months ago..

As per their site "What must I pay if I leave within the first 12-months?"

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says nothing about after 12 months?
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Cant get my MAC code

With the Free Set-up promotion, the set-up (activation and/or hardware) is free of charge if you stay with PlusNet broadband for five years. If you decide to leave PlusNet broadband (including downgrading to a narrowband product) within 5 years of signing up, you will need to pay a cancellation fee.

These cancellation fees are in addition to any cancellation fee associated with any other Contract you may have in force at the time of cancellation. The cancellation fees are summarized in the table below.
Product Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6+
Activation £58.75 £47.00 £35.25 £23.50 £11.75 £0.00
USB Modem £25.00 £20.00 £15.00 £10.00 £5.00 £0.00

At the bottom of the page



Cant get my MAC code

Yea i have since found that, thanks for your help guys..

Hidden away though... funny how they are not to quick to mention it when you do it..

Cant get my MAC code

LOL feel sorry for PlusNet after all they only made a turnover of £22,500,000.
They need the money, if you choose to leave before the 5 years is up!
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Cant get my MAC code

In terms of the activation, a reduction of £58 to £0 over a 5-year stretch seems pretty poor value to me, given the amount involved and the length of time (i.e. not a lot, and quite a lot respectively).

An ISP I recently signed up for charged about £43 for activation, and I could either pay it and have a one month minimum contract, or not and be tied in for a year. I chose the former - but I thought that was much fairer.

This may have been possible since their package is a few more quid a month than Premier (well opt 1 - albeit for a much higher peak-time cap).

I thought there were quite a few ISP's who waived activation fees in return for a minimum 12 month contract (though I've not looked closely at the prices recently so I could wrong).

Makes PlusNet's 60 months seem poor in comparison.