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Cannot Disconnect !!!


Cannot Disconnect !!!

Hi all,

I have the reverse to a normal problem - I cannot get my WinXP computer to disconnect from the ASDL net. Its not a virus problem or anything, Ive checked as all network response stops, and ZA is fine, but it will usually prevent me from shuttig down - sometime 'closing connections tray' appears..

I have the USB Binatone 500 i think (im at work now), and if it affect anything, an XBOX attached through ethernet (although i dont think this is it)

Anyone else have this problem ?? - I suspect i will have to reinstall the modem drivers..... fun friday night. Sad

Cheers !

Cannot Disconnect !!!

I have never heard this 1 b4. Yeah just install the drivers again cause i have no idea my self

Cannot Disconnect !!!

if its the old Binatone USB modem, the one with two lights, then I suffered from exactly the same problem (not disconnecting, when shutting down Close Try would appear etc)

Are you running eMule or EDonkeyHuh?
I found that if I was, and then closed emule and then tried to disconnect, it wouldn't. This was because I had a lot of people uploading from my mcahine, and when closing emule, it took a long time to let everyone know that my program had closed.

Two solutions: reduce the number of people connecting to you (if using a P2P package)
or get shot of the USB Modem and buy a router - you won't have the problem then.

I believe the newer Binatone Modem (3 lights) doens't have this problem, but then again, it is more or less a router anyway.

Cannot Disconnect !!!

yea.. im runnig torrent, so maybe thats it, but it doesnt seem to be using any bandwidth - it just sort of hangs.
Maybe that is it though... i might just reinstall the modem anyway, or perhaps look for updated drivers at the least - it is the two light version 500.

My horrid thought was perhaps XP's own networking stuff might have to be reinstalled/repaired... heaven forbid its not that. Deleted the restore points to get some disk space.

Cannot Disconnect !!!

Couple of things, I doubt you'll find any newer drivers!

I've hunted high and low and even on Binatones FTP site, the latest drivers are the same ones that I got back in December on the CD.

Are you running a firewall (I would like to think so!), one good cjheck is after closing Torrent, look at the firewall and see if Torrent is still bringing connections through the firewall.

I use sygate personal firewall, and after closing emule, for hours and hours, sygate was still showing emule as accepting connections, apparently over a period of tiume, these connections drop when other users are told you aren't running the software anymore - but this can take time.

I dropped the number of uploads to the minimum and it hasn't affected my download rate ata ll, and now when I close emule, after a few minutes sygate shows nothing, so it is safe to shutdown.

Try it and see........