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Cancel the adsl line, keep the hosting, access the cgi


Cancel the adsl line, keep the hosting, access the cgi

I currently have moved to a cable area and obviously no longer need my adsl line. However i have my domain registered with plus net and I can only access the cgi servers and web servers etc on my specific adsl line.

I have contact plus net who scheduled my adsl cancellation for the 28-08-06. Thats a tad pointless since i need it cancelled now and do not wish to be charged an extra month for a line i can not use. I have let them know. My question though is if the downgrade me to a free account like they have told me how on earth am i going to have access to my domain, cgi servers via telnet and ftp etc without the line.

any help would be appreciated cause so far customer services just gave so proforma response to people cancelling their subscription.


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Cancel the adsl line, keep the hosting, access the cgi

All PN products have a 30 day cancellation period and any monthly payments due within that period are payable as detailed in the T&C you agreed to when signing up. You can however request the line is canceleed immediately but that does not mean you don't have to pay. Nornally with a cancellation, no refund is due but you may want to ask if they can refund for the period after your 30 day notice period.

All of the services you refer to are linked to the type of account you have. A free PAYG dialup account only comes with 25MG of webspace and no cgi/mysql ir hosted domain option so that webspace will be removed when your account is changed. You will have to make arrrangements to transfer out the domain to another providr/hosting/registration company.

It is not possible to retain all the services you currently have on a free PAYGO account.
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Cancel the adsl line, keep the hosting, access the cgi

Pay as you go premier might do as a stopgap but it's £4.99 a month and you still won't be able to FTP from outside Plusnet.

IMO that's lame of PN, it's OK to require free users to go through dial-up as that's what pays for the account but fee paying customers should be allowed to use other connections if they want.
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Cancel the adsl line, keep the hosting, access the cgi

You've got to be better off transfering to a dedicated hosting service,
a) this is all they do, the support and quality will be much better, in theory :roll:
b) its independent of your ISP, so your domain name, etc. are the same for life.
c) You'll get more than the 25M provided with the free account.

Alternatively you could find an understanding friend with a Plusnet account who runs a web server on their home PC, and get them to install net2ftp (, this is what I use when I want to upload stuff when I'm at work. It's very good.

EDIT: I think the access restrictions are for very sound security reasons, no point unnecessarily opening up all the customer websites to the outside world. Although there are so many disgruntled "soon to be ex"-customers, there's probably more risk from inside the Plusnet network. (Hmmm not to mention another ooops from the Plusnet staff!)