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Can we regrade now?


Can we regrade now?

Just got an email from Plusnet to say from the 14th April i will be on the 50Gb Fair Usage rate rather than my current unlimited Premier package (1Mb connection). The price is still £29.99.

a) Now i want to drop to the 30Gb Fair Usage rate at £21.99 a month....can i apply to do this right now?

b) I believe i will have to pay £14.99 (no problem cus i'll get it back in a couple of months with the monthly savings)?

c) Will my line be automatically changed to 2mb (99% sure i can get it) in the future without me having to do anything (if i choose change speed now when i regrade to 30Gb it costs me £29.99 instead of £14.99)?

Thanks for any help! Cool
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Can we regrade now?

a) yes

b) Correct

c) Speed upgrade yes, £29.99 for speed upgrade and product downgrade now is also correct.

Can we regrade now?

Thanks Peter. Cheesy

Think i will change to 30Gb Fair Usage for £14.99 and hopefully get 2mb for free when the speed upgrade time comes. Wink