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Can the experts advise me


Can the experts advise me

My plusnet connection has become poor. At random times I just cannot access webpages and emails . When I check my connection status it says I am connected but I still have the problem. I have the issue using two modems Bt Voyager 105 and 200. Any help appreciated. Is it my hardware problem or Plusnets.
Any help appreciated.

Can the experts advise me

Hi vocation,

I know you have said you keep a connection but im wondering if you could double check on the modems themselves to see if all the lights turn out or not. Also werent theBT Voyager modems meant to need an updated driver set to work with Broadband max?
Are you on Max and if so have you tried the updated drivers ( although I could be barking up the wrong tree there ).

Is there anyway to borrow a router to see if you get the same problems or not? I say this as Routers are naturaly designed to cope with up to 8mb speeds where as I personally dont trust usb modems to handle 512 let alone up to 8mb Wink

It could also be a possible DNS issue, although I would have thought there would be more reports of such goings on if this were to be the case.

Please forgive me if it sounded like I was talking gibberish lol, its that time of night.

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Can the experts advise me

voyager 105 didn't need updated drivers here to cope with Max but it does allegedly help to squeeze best speed out of them.
as these are usb devices it's worth checking to see if they are being switched off by the pc as a "power saving" . I fell foul of this.
Otherwise perhaps you have only just been transferred to max or llu ? which can cause teething problems :roll:

Can the experts advise me

Thanks for advice chaps. I have updated my drivers and firmware.

Maybe I need to look at getting a new router modem before I consider other options.