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Can't get my ADSL router to connect


Can't get my ADSL router to connect

I have just purchased a Medion modem/router from ALDI (very good value) but can't get it to work after following the set up proceedure. Checked the set up, PPPoA, VPI-0, VCI-38 but with no luck. If I take the cable out and plug it back into the PCI card modem it works so there can't be much wrong with the cable, I have no problem communicating with the router as I can activate the dial up modem it contains. Any of you experts got any suggestions.


Getting connected with your router help,Ivan

Hello chaproniere,

Humm!! OK there are several suggestions that come to mind here. First off is the router plugged into the BT master socket on your wallplate, are you using a line splitter plugged into the BT socket or does your router have a built in filter. Have you tried more than one line splitter / filter in the BT socket (just in case the problem is with the filter?)

**The filter is completely essential for ADSL to work as its the filter that splits the line into the x3 channels.

**Does your router have both a green light which shows power on and a second green light that would indicate the router is synchonising with the exchange. If you DONT have a second green light or a flashing light this indicates that the router isnt or hasnt sync'd or is still trying to sync?

**If the second green light continues to flash for a long period not just one or two mins then you might have a line problem.

**The settings which you quoted above for VPI=0 & VCI =38 & PPPoATM are correct as far as I can see.

**Have you input your routers IP fixed address & DefaultGateway by hand or does your router auto detect the line settings and IP address etc?

**Please contact PN support via the phone or open a support ticket and request them to run a whoosh test on your line, this is too see what your line attenuation & noise to signal ratios,etc are and this is valuable for seing whats going on.

**Have you also tried removing any additional equipemnt from your phone line such as additional extemsions & phones or faxes or other equipemnt. And just plugged to router into the line at the master socket to see if this helps.

**Have you checked you have the correct or latest drivers for your OS & router.

**Have you checked for any router known issues or firmware updates on the makers website?

**Finally have you tried uninstalling the router/modem software completely from your machine, rebooted the system and then re-installed as if from scratch. Although this sounds abit of a faff it can be worth the effort involved as it sometimes can help to sort things like this out if its a software related issue.

Regards Ivan

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Can't get my ADSL router to connect

You haven't mentioned it so I will just in case, you HAVE entered your username / password into the routers configuration page?

Can't get my ADSL router to connect

Ivan, Thanks for your comments. I still can't get connect. I have plugged the router directly into the master socket and disconnected all other phones but there is no improvement. I have even changed the BT socket for a new one and tried a different splitter. I have restored the original factory settings and checked with the manufactures and there are no driver (firmware) updates. The router just keeps flashing which suggests it is a line problem. If I swap back to my old PCI modem I can get a connection but the line drops out a lot (always has done) which to me sounds like a poor quallity line, I have raised a ticket to get the line checked though I don't hold out much hope. This is the second router I have tried (different manufacture) with the same result, ie can't get connected. Will try anything!!

Can't get my ADSL router to connect

If your router is not synching with the exchange, even from the master socket you would be best letting Plus Net investigate and escalate this to BT.

It may be a waiting game see what your ticket comes back with.