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Can't get BTinternet E-Mail


Can't get BTinternet E-Mail

Hi all...

Sorry for asking this one but I need some help...

I was on BT Anytime upto starting with PlusNet.. Just before my 1meg link was up I stopped my BT Anytime and went on 'pay as you go'.

I have an Origo ASR-8400 which I configured using Snerkels ADSL setup guide.

I now can't receive Mail from my BT account and just get an error (see below). I can get mail from my Freeserve account fine though ??.. Even when I use Dialup now I get the same error ??.. I can read and reply through BTs WebMail though and so nothing wrong with my accounts..


There was a problem logging onto mail server. Your User Name or Pssword was rejected. Server Response: '-ERR Bad Login'. (Account:'comps', POP3 Server '', Error Number: 0x800ccc92).

Can anyone please help Cry


Can't get BTinternet E-Mail

I am guessing that was with BT Openworld.

You would need to contact BT Openworld, and make sure you have the correct details.

While you may have only downgraded accounts, this does not mean any of the details needed to collect e-mail may have changed.
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Can't get BTinternet E-Mail

This may be of use / interest to you. BT have obviously decided they've had enough of hosting POP3 on PAUG accounts.


Thank you for your recent email

I am sorry to hear of the difficulties you are experiencing while trying to access your emails via Outlook Express.

After checking your account I have found that you are using Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) Direct package.

PAYG Direct customers do not have POP3 access. Since you do not POP3 access you cannot download emails using Outlook Express.

You can however access emails using Webmail by visiting the link at

There are two-email products you can subscribe to as a BT Openworld Direct customer:

Basic Mail:
· 5 x mailboxes
· Webmail only

If you want POP3 access you need to subscribe for Premium Mail service.

Premium Mail offers the following facility.
· 5 x mailboxes
· Webmail access with up to 50Mb storage
· 30Mb personal Web space
· Helpdesk support

However, if you would like to access your emails using Outlook Express or Outlook, then you have to subscribe to our Premium mail service for which you will have to pay a monthly rental of £1.5 per month.

To register for Premium mail service, Please log on to the following site:

Please find instructions for the use of our homepage listed below, however please read these carefully as we will not be held liable for any mistakes made when altering you account information.
Click on 'Register' link on the left hand side of the screen.

The new window contains two graphic the customer can choose "Basic Mail" and "Premium Mail".
Now please follow the online instructions.

I hope the above information is helpful. Please write to us for further assistance. We will be glad to assist you.