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Can't connect


Can't connect

I installed my PCI modem a couple of days ago but could get the green connection light. I contacted PlusNet and they said it might be my 8m-extension cable. I've managed to connect on the odd occasion and have noticed that the more you download files the slower it gets. Sometimes I cant get a green light at all so I reinstalled the software only to find that the only short cut I had to my desk top was for the Access Runner Control Panel. The Access Runner DSL short cut was not installed. SO a dial-up connection had not been configured on installation. SO now if I'm lucky I get a green connection light, but no short cut for a dial-up window.
Has any one had these kinds of problems?

RE: Can't connect

One more problem!
If I click [stop] on the start/stop ADSL icon on ny tool bar I cant re establish connection when I click [start].