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Can't connect to own ftp server...


Can't connect to own ftp server...


I'm currently trying to set up my own ftp server, and later webserver on my own pc.
The aim of which will be to client update patches to clan members in various games, Enemy Territory, UT2K4....

I'm having difficulty getting past my router though,

The server is running Serv-U and I can connect to it no problems with the internal IP (192.168.*.*)
When using the external however (that supplied by Plus Net, that of the router) it can't reach the server pc and tries to log onto the router instead.

I've tried disabling the firewall on the PC but this has had no effect, I don't think it's getting that far.

I think I need to set up port forwarding on thr router to direct incoming ftp traffic to the ftp server. It's this I'm having problems with.

The router is a GS8100 Globespan Vitara.
The Network Address Translation (NAT) Rule Config I'm putting in is:

Rule Flavor: RDR
Rule ID: 21
IF Name: ppp-0
Protocol: ANY
Local Address From: 192.168.*.* ( that of the ftp server)
Local Address To: 192.168.*.* ( that of the ftp server)
Global Address From: Router IP (as supplied by Plus Net)
Global Address To: Router IP (as supplied by Plus Net)
Destination Port From: FTP (21)
Destination Port To: FTP (21)
Local Port: FTP (21)

I've also tried some different combinations but don't seem to have hit the right one. I've been through the router manual and done loads of Googles but with no luck Sad
Does anyone know what these sttings should be or if there is something else causing the problem?

Many thanks for any help,
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Can't connect to own ftp server...

You can't access the external (PlusNet assigned) IP from within your local network as your router will not be able to route it properly. You will need to find someone else on the internet to check if a connection can be established.

I have just tried FTPing to your plusnet assigned IP and get a connection to an FTP server (I just tried to login as user test, pass test if you check your logs) so it does look like it is working, you just can't access the way you are trying.

Can't connect to own ftp server...

Its normal for you not to be able to connect to your own ftp behind a router. You do have a ftp open but I cant tell if its your router or not but I can ftp to your ip ok. It is accepting admin as the username and showing 220 FTP Server (Version 1.0) ready. You also have port 80 and 23 open

Can't connect to own ftp server...

Thanks for the speedy reply.

Didn't realise I wouldn't be able to connect from inside...
Might have been working all along.
Will have to grab someone tomorrow to test it for me.

Thanks for your help
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Can't connect to own ftp server...

Add the following line to the "hosts" file, on all local machines;

On WinXP the "hosts" file is located;
C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc should be the real internal IP address of your ftp server.
And I assume your user name / domain is;

You should now be able ftp to your server using;

From any PC inside or outside your network.


PS your ftp server was not responding @ 09:35, 25-07-2004

Can't connect to own ftp server...

Thanks to everyone who replied.
I just got a friend of mine to try connecting and he connected fine.
Looks like it was working all the time... Doh!
A few hours wasted there...

Thanks again
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Can't connect to own ftp server...

if you can read German, you can use this to test it:
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Can't connect to own ftp server...

try Guardster to access it.

Can't connect to own ftp server...

It would be a good idea to change the port of your ftp to somthing a little less obvios as any port scan would find it on port 21. Just gives a bit better security if its on another port. Why is port 23 open?