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Can't access websites - random timeouts!

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Can't access websites - random timeouts!

Hi all,

Last few days I have noticed some strange goings on with my connection. Just a few details before I explain, I am on 512k premier and im connected straight into a netgear DG834G.

Right, the problem is, at random intervals accessing websites seems to die on me! Everything else will work fine, like listening to online radio e.t.c. But when I try and browse a website, it will load mega slow or not at all. It's very odd and happens just out of the blue and very randomly. The only cure I've found for this so far, is to reboot my machine. Once it's rebooted I load IE, wallah! Pages seems to start loading fine again, until it decides to die randomly again!

One thing I have noticed though, when pages won't load, the ADSL sync light remains on! Connection doesn't drop, it's just I can't access websites!

Not sure whether this is a PlusNet side problem, or a machine side problem! Either way, I would appreciate anyone's advise on how I can fix this.
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Can't access websites - random timeouts!

Possibly it's been due to this problem reported on the announcements forum