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Can't access my website (hosted by


Can't access my website (hosted by


Ever since Saturday night I've been unable to access, from either my own or my dad's pc, my hosted website at I've spoken to a few friends and they can all access it fine. Using a proxy such as I can access the site fine. So, it's not a problem with easily. I can't log in to the ftp either. The fact that I can't access it from either my PC or my Dad's PC kinda rules out any software or configuration issues on the pc side of the equation, other than maybe PeerGuardian. But I've checked through that and can't see any mention to my website either by name or ip address. I even checked for an IP range.

Now that leaves either the router, a D-Link DSL-504, which I can't find any indication that it may be blocking an individual site or a problem with my connection to PlusNet.

I've got a friend that also uses PlusNet and he can access the site fine. Not sure what DNS settings he's using though. I know there were an alternative set of DNS servers mentioned a while back, mid-2004, when PlusNet were having some issues with it. and are what I'm currently using; gateway is

Anybody have any suggestions for me?

I'm starting to go bald with the amount of hair I'm pulling out...

Sorted (Maybe Not After All)

Found the alternate DNS settings I mentioned and all seemed fine.

Started updating my Easily website again and part way through it's timed out again...