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Can someone help please.

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Registered: 30-07-2007

Can someone help please.

Ive been experiencing very slow speeds for about a week now. I contacted plusnet by raising a ticket, they said this:

Dear Ms Oladunjoye,
Management Restrictions (38010) - UPDATE
This is an update to the previously reported problem affecting Traffic Management Restrictions. A copy of the last post can be seen here:-

Unfortunately a number of customers remain on a restricted profile. These customers were all billed 28/11/2006.

We believe that there may be a number of unidentified users suffering from a similar problem and are currently in the process of running a query to identify these. Once we are sure that all the affected users have been captured we will run a script to restore customers' profiles.

We would like to thank those affected by this problem for their continued patience.

Kevin Scott

This fault was fixed on 30th November but my speeds still remain the same. Plusnet have said my speed hasn't been restricted so why is my speed so slow.

Here are the results of a speedtest from
Last Result:
Download Speed: 129 kbps (16.1 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 58 kbps (7.3 KB/sec transfer rate)

Can any plusnet staff that are on this forum please help out.

I also tried phoning customer service but it took too long and the music that was playing was doing my head in.

Let me also add that I am 430 metres away from my exchange. I am on the broadband premier 'up to 8mb' product, my router says my downstream should be 8160kb and the upstream should be 512kb and normally I can get very high download speed between 700kb and 800kb. I have also disconnected and reconnected the router many times.

Can someone help please.

I am suffering with exactly the same issues, im a stones throw away from my exchange and im getting awful speed test reults compared with what i used to get. If this problem isnt resolved soon unfortunaly my 5 year service as a PN customer will come to an end. Pls plus net, give us some answers

Can someone help please.

I'm in the same boat, shocking upload and download speeds come on PN give us some answers, after all we are paying you.

Can someone help please.

The best advice I can give you is change ISP's. That's what I've done and my problems are now a thing of the past. The only way PN are going to start sorting this out is if enough of their customers vote with their feet and leave because from my recent experience as long as you're paying them they don't care.
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Can someone help please.

I think this is actually down to the BRAS profile that is set for your line. Try running the BT speedtester at (Often very busy... keep trying) and see what that says. If it says your IP profile is 8000Kbps, the problem is with Plusnet and you should raise a ticket. Also check here as this is the IP profile Plusnet think you have

On MaxDSL disconnecting and reconnecting often is bad as the exchange can think your experiencing problems and adjust settings on your line which makes things slower.