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Can anyone help?


Can anyone help?

I haven't been able to connect to the internet and have logged this with PN and tried calling them today but to no avail.

I have called the 0845 140 0200 number numerous times but it says all help desk is busy. Rather than keeping me on hold, there is a voice message to tell me to call back.

I am currenlty on the Broadband Premier Plan.

What I have tried so far
* Unplugging and restarting the DSL router - unsuccessful
From the LAN connection, I can see that I have a connection but when I go to IE the error message about IE network connectiong is displayed
* This is a long shot but I even looked at the ipconfig and trying to renew it. I am not able to ping outside but the computer does have an ip address - unsuccessful

Can anyone suggest what else I can do or do I have to wait for PN to get back me? This could be a problem because I can even get through by phone to help desk.

Many thanks.

Can anyone help?

Hi, welcome to the forums.
Firstly there have been some issues with the phones - PN have just had a new system installed. clicky
The LAN connection you have is probably just the connection to the router, whilst it sounds like you have an issue with the router not being connected to the net.
Do you have a steady ADSL light on your router?

Might be helpful to include what kit you have too, that way any advice can be tailored to your particular scenario.

Can anyone help?

Thanks for the response.

I have checked the ADSL modem/router light. It is consistently on with the status blinking.

The gear that I have is
* D-Link DSL-504T ADSL router
* Excelsus z-blocker filter model z-200UK

Is there any more information required to assist with this?

Can anyone help?

Have you ever connected?
Can you logon to the router?

Have you set the router up ie setup the usrename password etc?

If you can logon to the router is the usename password correct? does it have any error messages or a log file which will give a clue what is wrong.

If you cant logon to the router then your pc is not getting an ip from the router. Find the ip of the router which will be in the manual and enter the next ip into your pc and set the default gateway as the address of the router.

Can anyone help?

Yup I am getting an IP address from my router. I just read the forum and it seems like I am not the only one affected.

I've done what help & support group has suggested, checking all the cabling and etc. I am waiting for their response. It's going to be another 48 hours before I find out!!!!!

Hopefully they are onto the case and will fix the problem as soon as possible.