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Can Not Access Internet on Wireless - Please Help


Can Not Access Internet on Wireless - Please Help


Ive just set up a wireless network using netgear dg834g router along with, netgear wireless wg311 v2 32bit pci adapter 54mbpsg. i am networking between 2 pcs one direct to the router and the other using an apdapter. i have managed to share files between the 2 pcs but can not access the internet on the wireless as it always thinks the connection is oflline with no connection present. Could anybody help please?

Can Not Access Internet on Wireless - Please Help

If your router config page gives the conection not found error check that your username and password match with what plus net have and that you are using PPPoA protocol.

If you can connnect ok from the routers status page then check your using DHCP or if static IP's that they have the gateway IP set to your router and DNS servers set to plus nets.

You can check your current IP information by opening up a console windows ('cmd' at the run prompt) and using 'ipconfig /all'.


Can Not Access Internet on Wireless - Please Help

Cheers ill try that. So does that mean that i have to create the connection to the internet, as i orginally thought because a local area network connection was present from the router that the internet would connect through that.

Is that what i need to create.

Can Not Access Internet on Wireless - Please Help

You have to tell your machines how to get 'out' of your network. You do this by entering a gateway setting. If the machines are using DHCP they should get this and the DNS servers automaticly. If they are on statics you have to fill in the boxes on the network settings tab. The gateway is effectivley your router, use the routers IP address for that setting, the DNS servers are supplied by plus net on: (Primary) (Secondary)

(I know they work caus I use em)


PS: If ipconfig /all gives you the correct settings for wireless and reports you are on DHCP and the wired link works, then this probably aint much help. You might want to check that you dont have a proxy configured or a firewall blocking port 80 TCP out.
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Can Not Access Internet on Wireless - Please Help

I have the same setup as you,(I'm running xp pro sp2 an both pc's) using the same hardware and I too have had problems with the wireless part and must say that it was only down to experience and flaffing about with settings that I got this to work properly.

It seems to me that the netgear software wants to run the connection but so does the xp connection manager.

To resolve this problem, I disabled the windows connection and used the netgear one( you have probably seen this when xp finds the wireless connection and tries to take command of everything) . Also in your router setup, there are a few boxes which must be set.

Under the wireless access, I have the following settings:

Enable Wireless Access Point ( tick in box)
Allow Broadcast of Name (SSID) ( tick in box)
Authentication Type: Automatic (Open System)
Security Options: Wep Enabled.( tick in box)
Encryption Strength: 128bit
And the wep key, I used a passphrase to generate the key.
Note that you must use the same passphrase with the wg311 sotware as the one you used in the router wireless setup page.

Hope this helps


Can Not Access Internet on Wireless - Please Help

I'm having exactly the same problem at the moment - I have a DG834G (which is working well when connected directly to PC via LAN) but cannot access the net when connecting the same PC across wireless (via a WG311). The wireless link itself looks good (all green!), from the indications in the WG311 window, but IE cannot make the connection.
Keith - I don't know if this is specific to XP - but when you say '...disabled the windows connection and used the Netgear one..'...could you explain a little more please?
Thanks for everyone's help on this!