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Can I use my bb?


Can I use my bb?

This is a rehash of what everyone else has been saying about traffic shaping only slightly different.

I received an email about the disconnect policy stating this would start today - rubbish I was disconnected many times yesterday, also this has happened before but they seemed to change their mind and returned it to normal only to roll it out again in pretty much the same fashion. Despite setting outlook to refresh every 20 mins, which I would think should count as usage, I was still disconnected - any suggestions on how I can actually continue using my "always on" bb connection? Or shall I rename it my "sometimes on" connection?

My connection was throttled and my usage this month has been under 2gb - last month was low too - in fact I haven't made it over the 40 gb per month yet. I was actually downloading a Linux ISO so not P2P, due to being disconnected 3 times now I have nothing as every restart clears the previous download - so considering this is Plusnets fault - will the downloaded amount that is useless to me be added to my usage? I'm willing to bet it will be...

Anyone suggest a decent ISP - I find an ISP that stops me using my account absurd and i'll be leaving shortly - only been a member for around 3 months so they'll try charge me I suppose, though an ISP that denies me the service I'm paying for should not be able to enforce this. We'll see.
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Can I use my bb?

I've moved this to a more relevent forum. The ideas forum is designed for ideas regarding PlusNets Products and Services.