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Calling all Line experts/BT engineers


Calling all Line experts/BT engineers

Sorry for the following saga, hope you can understand it:-

The wiring setup in my house is unusual to say the least and am not sure if I am getting the best out of my connection.

I'll try to explain:-

The master socket was installed under the stairs from when the house was built. We then added an extension to go from downstairs to upstairs, which I guess by now , the wiring is not in great condition.

I then took another extension from one bedroom to another which is what I now use for my ADSL connection. To add to this, when we had Sky installed the Sky man came across a problem. Due to some "bright spark" in the house (not me), we had a some storage cupboards built in under the stairs (yep u guessed it over the master socket), which we now can't get access to. So the Sky man took another extension off the first extension upstairs, then went outside and in back in to the living room.

Thats about it for the wiring, but we have 2 phones in the house. One on the ADSL splitter and one downstairs on the Sky extension (cos we don't use Sky anymore) without a splitter. I tried unplugging the phone from downstairs to see if it had any effect on the figures reported by my DG834G but it doesn't seem to, so I guess a splitter would have no effect Huh

My figures reported:-

ADSL Link Downstream Upstream
Connection Speed 1152 kbps 288 kbps
Line Attenuation 55 db 31.5 db
Noise Margin 17 db 25 db

Basically want to know if I would see a difference if I removed the annoying cupboard under the stairs, to get a BT engineer out to relay the extension wiring around the house ? Any idea how much this would cost or do I really need a BT engineer ?

Would this have any major effect on reducing my LA of 55db to enable me to get 2mb or get me a more stable connection on 1mb, see:-( ?

Anyway thanks for reading this an sorry if ur feeling tired now :lol:

Calling all Line experts/BT engineers

Unfortunatly, attuation is the only figure house wireing will not have an effect on. So any efforts made, will not bring you into the specification for 2Mb.

It will however hacve an effect on the SNR value.

However, the values you have shown, would appear to be pretty good for your current setup, thus very little need for any changes.

In conclusion. If you are after a few extra dB's out of your SNR, it is not worth it, as the noise margin would appear OK. However, it attempting to bring your line in spec for 2Mb, don't bother, it would be a wasted excercise.

Calling all Line experts/BT engineers

Thanks for your info and time taken to read the topic.

You've put my mind at rest now.