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In response to Ian Wild's reply to my topic, I find his response very strange indeed.

In his first paragraph, he states that the reason I could not log on was because I used Capital letters. Apart from the fact that I didn't, I have just tried logging on using Capitals and got on straight away.

In his second paragraph he says that he is sure we can work something out. Five phone calls over two days failed to work anything out. Yes I have contacted the manufacturer and it is not a common problem.

In his third and final paragraph, he states that:-

" the Support team are responsible for ensuring that your ADSL connection is working, we cannot offer specific assistance (Past giving you the neccessary settings) in the configuration of your equipment "

I can understand what he says apart from the fact that, other than the first phone call, each time I called, I suggested it was settings that I needed and each time I was told I was wrong.
To be told to turn off my PC for 30 minutes, then 2 hours, then 48 hours, then phone back after 3.00pm because the guy who phoned BT wasn't on untill then,
Then, after 3.00pm, I was finally told that I must wait until BT cleared the line because I had been " online " for four days continuously, despite the fact that I turn OFF my PC EVERY night without fail.
If my monthly fee does not include technical assistance to be able to connect to the internet, that's fine provided you DO NOT give wrong information on numerous calls over two days.