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Business Broadband


Business Broadband


I already use PlusNet personalyl and have never had any problems. The small (10 employees) company my wife works for currently use BTOpenWorld for their ISP but are having incrfeasing numbers of problems.

I have been asked to recommend a new ISP and PlusNets offering seems good. However the company are mvoing in January to new premises. These new premises are only about 100m from the old ones and Im sure they will keep the same phone number.

Can anyone suggest whether it is possible to change ISP before moving or is it easier to wait until after it is all done ?


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Business Broadband

What contract are they on with BTO and can they get out of it easily/quickly? There may be cancellation penalties or they will have to pay all remaining monthly fees if on an annual contract. These costs have to be taken into account when moving ISPs as does any remaining contractural obligations which may determin when they can move.

If they do decide to move they they must use the migration process and not a cease & reprovide. To do this they must get a MAC from BTO and use it to sign up to PlusNet.

It normally only takes 5 -> 7 days to migrate ISPs so yes, they can migrate before Jan. However there will be a cost involved when they move offices because, even though they may keep their existing number, they will have to go through the move my ADSL process (under account details) to get ADSL moved to the new premises which involve a cost of about £55.