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Business Broadband


Business Broadband

Hi, I wish to sign up my school with the basic Plusnet business ADSL. My question is that how many PC's can I have logged onto it at anytime? I'm wanting to connect over 4 PC's, I have the home package here in my house and as far as I understand it I can have only 4 PC's on my setup, so is it the same with the business one?
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Business Broadband

where do you get the limit of 4 PCs from?
As far as I know there is no limit to the number you can connect at any one time. They will of course start fighting for the bandwidth and you may find things running a bit slow if say 10 were all trying to download at the same time.

Just to add to this a company whose PCs I look after have 7 connected using a 4 port router and a hub/switch

Business Broadband

Indeed, there is no 4 system limit, however, there is a recomended limit where you should go upto the next stage.

The only true limit, is that of network infrastructure. Howevere, there is no limit there, provided you have a quality subnet setup (proabably above you head, so to keep it simple, there is no real limit).

As for getting your school hooked up to BB, I sugest leaving that to the experts (like me, not). There are three reasons for this.

1: Security.

In a school, information security is paramount.

2: Control

Although you may not see it, as a school, parental consent for Internet access is a legal requirment.

3: Grants

The government have vowed to get all school BB enabled. Help is available for this, so they should take it.

Business Broadband

Cheers all and thx for your replies....