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Buffalo WMR-G54 Wireless modem-router


Buffalo WMR-G54 Wireless modem-router


I was wondering whether anybody has tried to connect with the Buffalo WMR-G54 Wireless modem-router.

It looks like I could estrablish a PPP link, but not the DSL link. In particular, the docs coming with the modem router suggest to set explicitly the IP address and subnet mask to and respectively, but if I do that I cannot access the web-based configuration page.

If I have the IP address assigned automatically (as is the case with the PlusNet-provided Binatone USB modem), I can access the configuration page and establish a PPP link, but no DSL connection and, as a result, no internet access.

Could there be a conflict between the to-be-assigned address and the fact the PlusNet wants the IP address to be automatically assigned?

Any help/views/hints would be very much appreciated.

Thanks a lot!