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Bt Voyager 205 router


Bt Voyager 205 router

I have the above mentioned router - when it is connected via usb - i have no problems. I want to be able to connect it to my D-Link DES 1016D switch so that i may share the internet connection around my network when my computer is turned off, but when i plug in the cat 5 cable - the ethernet light on the router stays unlit. If i plug the cat 5 straight from the router into my pc's NIC it lights. Is there a setting I am missing here ?

Bt Voyager 205 router

I used to run a BT 205 into a switch with no problems, so it should work. No special settings as far as I know.

Couple of things you may want to try:

1/ Is the router plugged into the uplink port on your switch or are you using a cross over cable to a non-uplink port?
2/ Power cycle the router.
3/ If using DHCP, renwew the PC address (ipconfig /renew ) - really don't think its this though.

Hope this helps,