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Browsing stops but email & ping OK..!!


Browsing stops but email & ping OK..!!

This bizarre - I have hunted high and low for a solution, can anyone throw some light on this.
New BB connection. Conect no problem, everything works absolutely fine. For about 9 minutes.... then all browsers I have tried stop working. It's almost like someone has switched off the DNS server.?? Always about 9 minutes into a connection. If I reboot the machine, it works fine again, for about 9 minutes, then "connection timed out" (FireFox) IE is the same, BUT email carries on working fine and I can ping any server I like and it sends and receives packets no problem at all.!! but to be able to use the browser again I have to reboot the machine... here is what I have tried....

USB Modem Upgrade drivers
AdAware Scan
AVG AntiVirus (Scanned - then tried enabled disabled)
Norton Anti virus (Scanned - then tried enabled disabled)
Windsock Fix
USB hub (own power)
Internet Explorer

Arrgghhhhh !!

Why is it only the browsing part that fails after 9 minutes - why can I still connect to mail servers and ping other servers

Arrgghhhhhh !! :shock: Cry

Browsing stops but email & ping OK..!!

are you using a router?