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Browsing stalls adsl home 500


Browsing stalls adsl home 500

Can anyone help me please?
I have a 512 home set up but when I surf the modem seems to not do anything for a second or so before moving on is this normal ?
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Browsing stalls adsl home 500

It is not normal but can happen. What else have you running on your PC (especially in the background). Also what is your PC spec (processor, speed, memory, windows version etc).

A USB modem needs processing time to operate correctly so if there is other background activity using the CPU it will cause hesitations on your browser.

Do you have a firewall? If not you should install one.

Do you have any virus software installed? Again if not you should install one.

Have you scanned your system for spyware/malware? This can be using your internet connection and thus slow down what you are looking at. Try running spybot search & destroy and Adaware.

Links to all the above can be found in the General: Essential Security software tutorial.