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Browser freezes - still


Browser freezes - still

The problem persists.

About every five minutes on average during general web surfing the browser freezes. I click on a link and nothing happens until 30-60 seconds later.

Winipcfg reports that the new DNS addresses are being used already. I've tried setting new (and old) DNS addresses explicitly in dial-up connection properties, or server-assigned values, but it makes no difference which I use.

It's not a fault with the phone line, because I've experienced that and the symptoms are completely different, i.e. no ADSL connection at all.

I can be listening to a 128kbps HTTP audio stream when a freeze occurs and there is no interruption whatsoever to the music, so it's not the "Internet being slow."

What's interesting is that if I try to run Winipcfg during a browser freeze, that freezes too, before the IP Configuration info finally appears. Running Ping from the DOS prompt is exactly the same.


RE: Browser freezes - still

i get the very same thing m8

every thing else works eg emails,downloads via file share,,every thing except web work

i call this the HTTP Freeze

something to do with DNS i think