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Broadband slow web browsing


Broadband slow web browsing


Since Monday 31st my broadband has been a bit slow. So I checked the computer (supply by work) for viruses and spyware. Only problem I could download ad-aware because the 2Mb download took 10 mins to download 500k then stopped.

Windows updates wasn't much better either.

So my work supplied a new box, modem, micro filter but I get the same problem.

The BT Voyager 105 syncs (takes about 90secs) I can connect (sometimes it fails) but web browsing is a nightmare. I can logon to the PlusNet website as it take 5 mins to load the first page, enter username and password click login and IE goes white and then never makes it.

I have had the phone line checked and that comes back ok.
Did the Broadband checker (on another connection) and that came back ok so now I have been awaiting 36 hours for PlusNet to respond to a ticket.

Obviously closing down telephone support was a great idea.

Any suggestions would be welcomed.
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Broadband slow web browsing

What package are you on? Have you tried re-entering the settings on the modem.

Broadband slow web browsing

PAYG Broadband is the package.

I have tried resetting the modem, but I did try a completely different computer with a fresh installation of the modem driver and different (but same model) modem. Still no joy.