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Broadband move screw-up


Broadband move screw-up


I sent this through to the Customer service team today, ID: 19932270 , but I thought I might share this:


Looking through my messages about my broadband, I came across this message which I never received by email:

Service notice | ID: SN32492515 Closed
Script User Unused - ADC - Developers 12:30am, Tuesday 18th July 2006
Dear Nelson Oliveira,
Unfortunately, the request to cease your broadband service has been rejected.
Your account will now be checked manually and we will let you know the outcome shortly.
Kind Regards,
Customer Support

I attach the screenshot of the ADSL status of my move. This process should be relatively straight forward, but your company has dropped the ball on this. No update on why the move was cancelled on July 18th has ben received. I am VERY unhappy about this. I tried to call on both Customer Support lines, but the regular line was an automated nightmare and the 0900 line just kept ringing. I

If this problem isn't sorted out ASAP, I may decide to cancel and switch to another broadband supplier.



This is a followup of when I first started the move, where I first called up BT to start the move process. BT were very helpful, giving me a new number and a reference for a simultaneous broadband/phone move with Plus to th epoint where they gave me a reference for Plusnet to use. The company completely discarded the reference. and said that the broadband will be connected up on August 2. Plusnet have completely screwed up this move. If I don't hear from them in the next day or so, I'll probably cancel and switch companies. I started this move on July 12!! (ID: 19818360) I guess three years as a customer isn't worth much.

Broadband move screw-up

I wish to change my broadband provider and have been trying to obtain my MAC Code by contacting your automated telephone sevice which is an absolute nightmare. I just want an answer to a perfectly simple question so please tell me how I can speak to a human being - always supposing you do actually employ some at Plusnet
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Broadband move screw-up

To get a MAC you need to use the help assistant.