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Broadband dropping out


Broadband dropping out

Anyone suffering from loosing their broadband connection?

Mine seems to drop out for anything from a few seconds to upto a minute. This can happen frequently one after the other then not happen again for hours.

When ot happens the data light goes out, then the syn and thereafter all lights come back on.

I use a belkin modem/router and the main PC is hard wired.

Any ideas?

Broadband dropping out

If you are loosing sync then the issue is not a one and lies in either your line quality or you have a faulty modem/router or microfilter or somewhere between the 2, if you gave your line stats and current sync rate it could help, maybe you have been placed on a service for which your line cannot handle.

Also if your router allows it try to watch your stats one time when you reconnect at the moment just before it drops if you can, best time might be when it is going through one of its little phases of them, sometimes certain faults I have seen can cause those to go a little strange.