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Broadband and Wireless Network


Broadband and Wireless Network

I have just completed configuring a broadband connection to Plus.Net using an eTec Ethernet/USB ADSL Modem and a US Robotics 8054 Wireless + Ethernet router.

I wanted the wireless router as one of the computers is in another room in a different part of the house and this one had a good write up as working at 20 metres range. I set that up first and had the network running.

I then bought the modem. I couldn't find the US Robotics model with the Ethernet port so bought a different make.

I have had a lot of difficulty and tried a lot of options to get it all working. The main problem is that the instructions with the modem did not explain how to connect via a router, in particular not explaining how to configure NAT.

I found the answers to this at
Thanks, Nathan, the link to your EMail doesn't work so I cannot contact you.

Now it all works with the modem using its DHCP to assign an IP to the WAN port on the router, and the router handling the LAN.

I hope this helps somebody else.