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Broadband activation questions !! help!!


Broadband activation questions !! help!!

Have been checking my ticket to get an update on my broadband activation.

I now have a commit date of 21st oct with an activation of after 12pm on 22nd Oct. Still haven't received my modem etc & my status on order tracking still says 'submitted to bt' activating!. Anyone know when PN will send the modem?


The following result was returned by BT Speed Checker for CLI number ***********:
Speed: 2000
The BT product ordered is BT IPStream Home 2000 Self-Install

Don't know what to relate the '2000' to wrt thr speed, is this good? bad?

What does this mean for the quality/speed of service i will get. ( BT have already said my line won't support 2mbps so PN have resubmitted for a 1mbps line ).

Broadband activation questions !! help!!

The modem will usually arrive just before the line is activated. So you should be seeing it anytime now.

The info you have quoted would suggest that a 2mb connection has been ordered, but this may not have been updated if Plus Net have said that your line wont support 2mb.

I would suggest ringing support on 0845 1400200, or raise a ticket asking for clarification via Link:Contact Us.